Our aim

This Campaign aim for

•clean up TOKI/SHONAI river

•stop the flow of rubbish and waste to sea(especially ISE/MIKAWA Bay)

•save the sea animals

•protect seacoast from flowing waste


And we will attempt to cooperate with other clean up campaign or environment movement

in TOKI/SHONAI Basin. We will promote the "Clean River" to remedy for water pollution.

Our supreme aim is clean TOKI/SHONAI River with fish and shellfish which can taste


Our Organization

This project make up of five social or environmental movement organizations.

•the FUJIMAE Wetland Preservation Society(NPO)


•Riverside Heroes / Tajimi fish watching club

•TOKI/SHONAI Basin Network

•Nagoya Bird-watching hall

•Syonai - RiverNavi walking club


And supported by NPO Support center in TOKI / SHONAI Basin